Woman Gives Cops Middle Finger F**K You Outside Restaurant… Gets INSTANT Karma...

Woman Gives Cops Middle Finger F**K You Outside Restaurant… Gets INSTANT Karma When They Leave


Rachel Ali learned a hard lesson the day she flipped off two cops and posted the pocture on social media. Her two little middle fingers got her fired from her job as a waitress at the Los Cucos in Kingwood, Texas.

She won’t be serving food anymore, she’ll be serving ink to applications on her job hunt!

Ali admit that it was ridiculous and stupid of her to post a pointless picture of her giving the double middle finger to a cop cruiser. She didn’t even have enough guts to flip off the Sheriff, she just did it to the car as if she was some kind of cool kid. Now she’s really cool, said no one ever.

But, she is really unemployed, and that part is sad and hilarious.

I hope she doesn’t milk the tax payers for her stupidity.

At the same time, I don’t think I would’ve fired her. I would’ve made her work it off and forced her to serve only cops on her next two week shifts and teach her some respect while showing her that cops are just normal people too.

This is no different than flipping off a complete stranger, except the stranger would beat her over the head with a barbwire-bat like Negan from The Walking Dead.

If a cop saw her give the double middle finger, like she’s at a Guns N Roses concert, then he’d just laugh it off and keep moving. At least I hope he would, if not, then that cop would sure make his department look like a bunch of butt-hurt liberals.

Here’s her story and it seems like she learned her lesson. Let’s hope we don’t see her in the news again for something silly. I’d like to see her get a new job and do well.

She claims she learned a lesson and always treats officers with respect. That’s how it should be. We should treat each other with respect, mostly because if we don’t, then someone might bash our head in. You don’t know anymore who’s on the edge of losing their mind, going through tough times, and who’s about to explode like a Muslim strapped with a suicide vest.

No point in going out of our ways to be mean and push people into their liberal safe spaces or into a mental break down.

Well…unless they talk sh*t, then sometimes you just need to put them in their place, which is what we do to liberal maniacs.