VIDEO: Radical grabs woman & holds gun to her head – Seconds...

VIDEO: Radical grabs woman & holds gun to her head – Seconds later he’s in tears


Incredible video is going viral after a rumored “Muslim” man grabbed a woman and pointed a gun at her head. Unfortunately for him, things would take quite the turn a few seconds later when he turned into a blubbering crybaby.

The incident took place in Ghent, Belgium where a man brandished a firearm in public. Although police have yet to identify the man in question, several claims suggest that the man was actually Muslim.

(Action starts at 3:50)

As if people weren’t worried enough seeing the Islamist walking around with a gun, things would get worse as he grabbed a woman and pointed the firearm at her head. Of course, police were called and responded quickly – but the situation was far from over.

It’s unclear how or when the woman was able to get away from the man, but police were soon in a standoff situation. All caught on video, police could be heard several times saying the same few words over and over, prompting many to believe they were ordering him to “drop the gun.”

Too bad for the tough-guy Muslim, he thought he was in a position of power but would soon find out that wasn’t the case. In fact, police were really just giving the man the chance to walk away without a few new holes to show off in prison.

(Alternative view: action starts at 1:10)

Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly how he wanted things to go down – but police were ready for that too. As seen in the clip, three police officers – one with a bulletproof shield and two others with guns – slowly approached the man and fired a single shot that dropped him.

Although they didn’t kill the Muslim, they did hit him, resulting in his cries being heard throughout the square. As the gunman turned into a crybaby and could be heard squeaking out a few tears, police continued to approach while demanding he drop the gun.

Apparently still thinking the police weren’t serious at this point, he decided to continue ignoring the officers only to be shot another two times. As one would imagine, this only resulted in the Muslim shrieking in agony as he was officially taken into custody.