VIDEO: 23-Year-Old Student’s Homemade ‘Laser Bazooka’ Video Wows YouTube Users

VIDEO: 23-Year-Old Student’s Homemade ‘Laser Bazooka’ Video Wows YouTube Users


A jaw-breaking video clip showing a powerful homemade laser gun made of scrap was published on YouTube, where it had already collected more than 1.1 million views.

More than 1.1 YouTube surfers had already seen an eye-catching video clip showing a young man demonstrating a powerful homemade laser gun which he claims to have made from scrap, according to the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.According to the man, nicknamed Syropyro, the gun was assembled from “scrap metal and a pile of broken ‘hybrid’ DLP projectors.”This “laser bazooka” runs on a stack of lithium polymer batteries, which generate several laser beams that are focused into one powerful beam with the help of a special lens.

Even though videos featuring similar laser guns from science fiction movies are not uncommon on YouTube, this one is unique in that Syropyro’s laser bazooka has a power of 200 watts.

The gun’s beam was so bright that the man even had to wear a welding helmet during the tests. The video showed Styropyro using his weapons against metal, wood and even gunpowder.

On his personal website, Styropyro identifies himself as 23-year-old Drake Anthony who currently studies at Southern Illinois University and is known internationally for his “DIY Laser Guy” YouTube series.