Swiss police raid ISIS linked mosque and arrest imam for ‘kill sinners’...

Swiss police raid ISIS linked mosque and arrest imam for ‘kill sinners’ sermon


The Zurich’s prosecutor’s office has confirmed the imam at the An’Nur de Winterhour mosque has been detained for incitement to violence after it was alleged that he preached to the congregation that they should kill fellow muslims who don’t attend prayers.

it is claimed that during a October 21 sermon the imam “called for the assassination of Muslims who refuse to participate in communal prayers in the mosque”.

Another three people have been arrested from Algeria and Tunisia who are linked to the mosque which was last year raided after cops discovered there was an ISIS terror cell.

Zurich police conducted a raid early on Monday morning and arrested the men aged 23 to 35 over immigration violations.

According to reports the mosque announced it will be closed by the end of the year because its owners do not want to renew the lease.

The imam who is reported to be an Ethiopian national is reported to have told the congregation that “sinners” should receive a warning if they don’t attend the five daily prayers.

He told mosque goers that they should be encouraged to return to the “bosom of the community” before saying that “those who do not return to the community and not pray should be killed.”

Police had the mosque under surveillance for a number of days and had been watching the entrance from unmarked cars parked outside.