Snake EXPLODES while trying to scoff down alligator

Snake EXPLODES while trying to scoff down alligator

A Burmese python ripped itself apart while trying to gulp down a six-foot alligator.

Having found the large alligator and won a battle against it, the python began swallowing the snack.

But the large 13-foot snake ended up tearing his own body into bits.

Onlookers found the snake and alligator floating down the river in the Everglades National Park in south Miami-Dade in Florida.

They snapped some photos showing half a gator’s hind legs and tail poking out of the snake’s exploded carcass.

The snake’s head was also missing from the rest of the body.

Scientists told the Miami Herald that they cannot be sure how the snake met his horrible end.

They suspect that the snake tried to swallow the alligator and could not digest it.

The gator’s corpse started rotting, and the gases stretched the snake’s stomach until it burst.

Experts say the pictures provide proof that snakes and alligators are fighting it out in the Everglades to be Florida’s top Apex predator.