Meet Russia’s Kim Kardashian – She will INSPIRE you

Meet Russia’s Kim Kardashian – She will INSPIRE you


The 21-year-old has 2.6 million subscribers on Instagram and proudly displays her ‘belfies’.

Asked by state-owned Russian news agency Sputnik about the secret of her popularity among men, she said: “I think it’s because of my feminine forms.

“I don’t know why now myself, there is such a boom for Kim Kardashian, that they themselves decided to compare me to her.”

Based in Miami, she is originally from Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea.

It was here her first modelling agency urged her to lose weight.

She ignored that and hasn’t looked back.

She said: ”When I was 17 years old, I was noticed by famous fashion photographer Anvar Norov, and after that I liked being a model, and continued on this path.

“Plus, photographers themselves wrote to me, offering to photograph me, looking at my outstanding complexion.”

She is ready for more fame on Kardashian’s coat-tails.