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Drone tears hole in the nose of packed passenger plane after mid-air smash


The plane was operated by LAM Mozambique Airlines and was on its way to Tete in Mozambique when the crew heard a loud bang.

At first the passengers and crew thought the aircraft had collided with a bird, and it was only on landing that they discovered the full exert of the damage.

Pictures reveal the right side of the plane was battered by the object leaving holes all over the plane’s nose.

Drone hits full passenger plane in Mozambique AVIATION HERALD

PACKED: The plane was said to contain 80 passengers and six staff

The absence of blood and feathers has fuelled the belief that the mystery object was a drone.

Reports in Mozambique state that the mystery object was a drone, although an update by airline LAM Mozambique Airlines describes it simply as an “external body”.

The airline told Portuguese news agency Lusa that the possibility the plane hit a drone is ‘a speculation’. Authorities are investigating Thursday’s incident.

A statement from the Drone Manufacturers Alliance said it had not been confirmed that the object was a drone, but said: ‘We take these reports seriously, and our member companies stand ready to offer assistance to Mozambique’s aviation authorities as they investigate this incident.’


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